WorkTeen's Skill Guide

Web Development

The list below is a collection of carefully curated, free resources that you can use to learn web development and expand your skill set. This list by no means is exhaustive. Successfully completing this track and all included projects will make you eligible for web development internships, jobs and help you score freelance projects.

Learning the Ropes (46 Hours)


All of the web uses HTML & CSS to structure their content. Use's extensive introduction to these languages to get your basics in place.

Learning Github

GitHub is an important tool in a developer's toolkit. You can use this to manage versions of your projects, collaborate with other developers, host your online portfolio and to contribute to amazing open source initiatives.


jQuery is a Javascript library that makes it easier to handle the UI interactions on a webpage. Use Freecodecamp to learn the ins and outs of this extremely handy library. The

Introduction to Javascript

Javascript is the 'lingua franca' of the web and every web developer worth his/her salt must know how to 'speak' Javascript fluently. The course provided by Udacity introduces you to the language and should, ideally, inspire you to delve further.

To complete this section, build a portfolio site and host it on GitHub Pages(

Getting upto Speed (36 Hours)

Learn Responsive Design

To maximise the number of users reached it is necessary that your website provides a seamless experience on all platforms and devices. There is no one better than Google to learn this from.

Read Bootstrap Docs

Bootstrap is the world's most popular responsive design framework. Read the documentation to see how it all fits together and how you can start creating stunning, responsive websites in no time at all.

Build with Bootstrap

Assuming you have read the docs, you can now start putting it all together. The exercises on Freecodecamp let you do just that.

A Dash of Security

It's time to move on to slightly advanced stuff, securing websites. Learn how to use the OAuth framework to build robust, secure websites using Udacity's course on Authentication.

NoSQL Databases

Learn to use NoSQL databases with a tutorial on MongoDB. NoSQL databases are utilised by a lot of modern frameworks to store and retrieve data.

Project - Build your own blog using Google's Firebase Platform , this project requires you to put together all that you have learned previously.

Expanding Horizons

Learn Python

The Python language is widely used in web applications and for creating intelligent systems. Get a grip on the basics through Learning Python the Hard Way.


If you want to develop web apps with Python, give the Django framework a look.

Build Python Apps

Here's a course that helps you put top of all the reading with projects that you can proudly showcase on your portfolio.

JS on Steroids

Thought you got rid of JS? Not so easy. Take your JS skills and websites to the next level with Angular and Ember.

Learn PHP

PHP is what powers Facebook, amongst other things and is an incredibly powerful language. Learn the basics using

If you have made it till the end, kudos to you! You are now ready to take on various challenges at the following opportunities head on if you sign up for them!

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