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About Us

WorkTeen is an initiative to help high school students across various Indian cities find internships, volunteering and research opportunities. We work with non governmental organisations, various firms and research institutes to help high school students dicover new passions and contribute towards the community.We are constantly on the look out for new opportunities and if you are in a position to help us expand our opportunities, we will love to talk to you. You can leave us your contact details by making use of the Contact Us form or leave us a message on our social media channels. Either way, a member of our team will get in touch with you at the earliest.


45 Partner Organisations

560 Applicants

5200 Volunteer Hours

Our Team

Kunal Mishra

Kunal Mishra contributed extensively to the front-end design of this website. Most pages were made possible due to his tenacity. His ability of finding innovative workarounds contribute to the team's strength. For Kunal, WorkTeen is a portal to help his fellow classmates, most of whom are still pondering ideas for their CAS project. His capacity at WorkTeen involves maintaining and upgrading the user experience, and enhancing the website's front-end design.

Aayush Chadha

An IBDP year 2 student, Aayush thought of WorkTeen after he completed his CAS requirements and sat down to reflect upon his experience. He then developed and designed the website with the other co-founders. When he isn’t making any changes to the code or prototyping new features, Aayush dabbles in the design of promotional content, write new posts for the WorkTeen Blog or seek new opportunities to put up

Yathannsh Kulshrestha

Yathannsh is an IBDP year 1 student, who can be identified as the Chief Technology Head of the website. Frustrated seeing his seniors start non-profits impaired with morals and reasons just for IB CAS hours made him passionate about WorkTeen's cause. His significant experience in multiple web technologies contributes towards enhancing the user experience and building new features. He also heads WorkTeen's operations in Jaipur.

Aman Surana

Aman is an Class XII CBSE student, he can be identified as the Head of Design and Marketing for WorkTeen, who believes age doesn't hinder your dreams if fueled by passion. Tired of seeing organizations saying "High school students barely have the know-how to work with us" made him eager to support WorkTeen's cause. His experience in design contributes significantly to improve the overall user experience on the website and our social media channels.

Eshan Savla

Eshan has been part of WorkTeen since its inception and has since travelled his way up to the head of data collection. He started off with contacting and networking, however, having spent close to 8 months with us his responsibilities now include grooming and instructing new data collectors.

Utsav Gupta

Utsav is part of the datacollecting team in Delhi, and has brought plenty of organisations on board. His passion for work helps motivate the rest of the team members, and he works collaboratively with the other members, often providing unique insights and tips on how to make the website the best it can be.

Diganta Ray

Diganta is a full stack developer, and helps the developing team work on the website's backend, with his immense knowledge of server-side languages. Apart from being a passionate developer, he is an active contrarian on a lot of middle class theories and the public education system. He also spends time working on his crazy software projects and teaching others to code. Currently he also finds some time to work on his book `Dropout Theory`, which will outline how dropping out can be virtue to the society and will help new age entrepreneurs to focus on things that are more important.

Contact Us

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